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Sentinels of the Multiverse – My first post

sentinels_stack_0402A few weeks ago while visiting with a couple friends out of state, we stopped by a comic & games shop, where I wound up buying a paperback, and both my friends bought new games.

One of those games was the base set of Sentinels of the Multiverse.

The game was fun–certainly appropriate for us, as it’s got an obvious and definite comic feel to it.

It’s a cooperative game–players each have a hero deck, taking the part of that hero character, and play against the villain and environment decks, which are “run” by the rules of the game and specifics on the cards. As such, there are numerous combinations of heroes and the villain(s) to be fought, in various environmental scenarios. (I’ll probably get into more detail in a later post).

Probably the most appealing–to me–aspect as far as the game itself goes is that it’s NOT a “collectible” game. You buy the base set, and that’s what you’re buying: the base SET. Not just a selection from a set, or a random assortment of cards from a set. The entire. Base. Set. Maybe you’re new to the game and haven’t “previewed” what’s included to “know” what’s in the set, but technically…you know what you get when you buy the set. Buying the base set, I got the same set of cards my friend did, and anyone else buying it gets the same. No blind booster or “starter deck” packaging models.

So when I decided to “buy into” the game for myself, I ordered the base set, and liked the idea of the “combo pack” re-presenting the first two expansions in one box. But that was just the start: I quickly ordered the remaining expansions, which arrived this week.

And I have the feeling I’m only beginning to scratch at the surface here…


75 Cents Very Well Spent

This week is definitely one of THE best I’ve had in the way of 25-cent books!

I scored a copy of Dark Horse Comics Presents #8–the first appearance of X–as well as one of the four A Death in the Family Batman issues (#429).

And the REALLY special treat of the week–X-O Manowar (original series) #1 that the comic shop owner tucked in with my weekly pulls, and sold to me for 25 cents as it’s not in mint condition (“just” a ‘reading copy’).


I also snagged a number of other 25-cent books…Predator/Magnus and Magnus/Nexus, a couple issues of Valiant’s Original Turok and Original Solar; the first seven issues of Robinson‘s Starman (#s 0-6), a couple bronze-age Lois Lane issues, and a handful of Detective Comics ones I’ve kept an eye out for.

And for a “mere” $4, I picked up the “RRP” variant of Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men #1…the greenish background with the whole TEAM shown, that has been a rather “iconic” image for the book, despite the STANDARD cover having been Wolverine’s claws. While I don’t much like buying recent back issues and certainly not for $1 above cover price…my logic on this is that it’s the cover I’d prefer, it’s the one I associate with the series, and $4 is the same as “just” any other Marvel these days, so might as well.

X-Men Series 1 Revisited, Part 4


Jubilee was the first of the X-Men I was really introduced to–as the focal character for the audience in the 1990s cartoon. I was also introduced to Rogue in that same first episode, and Rogue at least has remained one of my favorite characters since.

I’ve more recently gotten to know more about several of these other characters–Captain Britain and Forge in particular. I’ve enjoyed Multiple Man and Quicksilver thanks to PAD‘s X-Factor.

In recent years, I’ve found that when I think about the age-old question of “what super-power would you want if you could have any power?” I have tended toward the idea of Multiple Man’s. That perhaps comes from the most recent (pre-All-New Marvel Now) X-Factor run…and moreso, the Madrox mini that immediately preceded it.

Boom Boom was used quite well in Nextwave several years back, and I can’t say I’ve ever cared much for Shatterstar…though the earliest memory I have of Shatterstar is the X-Force/Spider-Man crossover–one of my first-ever collected volumes..

This bunch of cards is fairly mediocre to me…nothing all that special and I didn’t learn anything new, really…


Click below to see the cards themselves.

Continue reading

X-Men Series 1 Revisited, Part 3


It’s amazing the changes these characters have been through in the past 20 years. Outside of Kylun who at first glance I didn’t even recognize, I’m familiar with the others…and they’ve all been through plenty. Cable’s evolved from some mercenary to a full-realized character tied deeply into the history of the X-men universe and has been through a number of significant events–from X-Cutioner’s Song to Messiah Complex/Messiah War/Second Coming to the more recent Marvel Now Cable & X-Force stuff to the upcoming All-New Marvel Now X-Force series..

Archangel’s since gone back to Angel, to Dark Angel to whatever he is at present. Banshee co-led the school in Generation X and has since died and–for all I know–come back. Shadowcat has grown up big-time. Jean Grey’s died and actually stayed dead. Colossus has joined the Acolytes, then Excalibur, back to the X-Men, died, come back, been the host of Cyttorak, a part of the Phoenix Five, etc. Warpath’s been part of Wolverine’s X-Force, Polaris was “lost in space” with Havok and others after Rise & Fall of the Shi’Ar Empire and since come back…

While I don’t care for the aesthetics of the multi-colored X symbols on the cards, I think I’ve recognized that rather than being simply an amateurish inconsistency, these are actually color-coded by “team” or “group” with a gold X for the Gold Team X-men, etc.

Click below for the cards themselves..

Continue reading

TMNT at 30

While it’s just as likely that I’ve simply MISSED any such stuff already out there, it’s occurred to me that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Of course, half a decade ago at the 25th anniversary it was a huge deal for Mirage. Now just a handful of years into Viacom/Nickleodeon‘s tenure as the owners of the property, it may not seem a huge deal.

But to this fan of 25+ years…it is!tmntat30_02

I recall the 30th anniversary stuff for Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers, etc. 35th Anniversary stuff, 40th, etc… but while those are significant milestones for THOSE characters…

The TMNT are a property created AFTER I was born. That I actually CAN reasonably fill in every last gap of the official comics and such, to have the entirety of the run (maybe not FIRST PRINTS, but I’m not concerned about which printing if I have the issue).


So, while I’ve had plans in the past to do more specific TMNT coverage in this blog, I’d like to think I’ll get into the swing of things with more this year, outside of spotting TMNT Toys in the WIld (Squirrelanoids, Kirby Bat and Casey Joines, etc) and get to more coverage of the various comics and such…and my own “history” with the characters through the years.

As always, time will tell.

Turok: Multiple Incarnations

I’ve been around for and consciously remember three premieres of new ongoing Turok series. The original (for me) was the Valiant launch from the mid-1990s; then the Dark Horse relaunch several years ago, and now the Dynamite relaunch from just last week.

While the issue has already had a sort of “iconic” look for me–it’s THE issue of Turok that I consciously notice in bargain bins all the time–I think it’s safe to say that Valiant‘s Turok #1 is officially iconic, given it’s the obvious source of the regular cover for the current #1. I didn’t make the connection originally, but knew there was SOMEthing “familiar” about the image, but when looking at them side-by-side, there’s no doubt.

I suppose if this were Bleeding Cool, that’d qualify as a “swipe file.”

turokdinosaurhuntervaliant001    turoksonofstone001


This Week’s Comics Haul (Week of 2/12)

This was another large-ish week for me…


My standing hold of “all $1 books” holds, and has now resulted in my actually owning a My Little Pony comic.

Letter 44 is on the chopping block for me…much as I enjoyed the first issue and the overall premise…I haven’t read the previous issue yet, and here’s the next, so…we’ll see.


From the quarter-bin, I snagged a mere 4 issues this week. I believe I’m now just missing Hulk 2099 #1 to have a full set of the main 2099 #1s from the quarter bins. I snagged the Wolverine and the X-Men Annual cuz hey…25-cents for the digital code!

I’m all about seeing as many digital codes as I can NOT go to waste…and snagging issues like this then make future 99-cent Comixology sales that much more likely to hook me, as it’s that many fewer issues to buy, and at 25 cents rather than “even” 99 cents.


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