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TMNT Toys in the Wild – Newtralizer, Shredder (Variant), Cockroach Terminator, and Snakeweed

While I did finally “pull the trigger” on buying the Casey Jones figure, I’ve continued to come across a bunch of figures that I have either not been interested in actually purchasing, or haven’t justified (to myself) the purchase YET.

Here are some more photos of several other figures “in the wild”…














TMNT Toys at Walmart (Early September 2014)

I’ve been rather dismayed at times when it seems that Target or Walmart look to have given up on the TMNT toys. Other times, just a bit frustrated when it seems they’re simply not keeping up with stocking the darned things.

And this summer it’s been a strange feeling seeing all of the movie-branded “Ninja Turtles” toys along with the animated series’ toys, sometimes firmly intermingled as if employees of the stores have seen no difference in the lines (given the often same pricing, they probably simply haven’t cared…one “turtle figure” is the same as another, perhaps).


A couple weeks ago, I happened to notice just how full (with several pegs actually overloaded) the TMNT section of the action figures aisle was, and took a step back to “admire” it.

This still doesn’t compare to the HUGE sections at Toys R Us back in the day, or Children’s Palace (a toy store akin to TRU that didn’t last). I don’t look much at the non-“basic” figures, and sure don’t remember there being these multiple lines back in the day (or at least not in the oversized sizing of so-called “deluxe” figures).

I’ve also noticed the addition of a blimp vehicle, which has me torn: two years in, and I still haven’t gone ahead and bought the Shellraiser (this line’s iteration of the van toy). I had the original “Turtle Blimp” way back in the day, and am definitely curious about this new one. Trouble is that a large as it is, I haven’t a clue where I’d be able to store/display it at present, short of rigging something up to hang it from the ceiling somehow.

Still…it’s awesome to see all this green looking through the toy aisle, even though I”m not as fond of these versions of the characters as I was the 2003 line or the original 1980s/90s line.

TMNT: Turtles in Time #4 [Review]

tmntturtlesintime004Writer: Paul Allor
Artist: Dan Duncan
Colorist: Ronda Pattison
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Editor: Bobby Curnow
Cover: David Petersen
Published by: IDW
Cover Price: $3.99

I didn’t pay attention to the issue’s credits when I started reading, but there was something familiar to the visuals. As it should be–with art by IDW‘s first regular TMNT artist, Dan Duncan. While Duncan‘s art grew on me after a bit, it did seem a bit clunky here, not being as used to it. Still, it worked quite well for the issue.

I feel like I hardly remember details from previous issues (just the general sense of the story, having read them in month-apart segments), but just knowing the turtles have been time-hopping was enough for me for this issue’s story. We find the turtles some years in the future, in what used to be Manhattan. The brothers are surprised at the lack of alarm to their appearance walking in open daylight…until they learn the entire island is hostile territory for mutant turtles of the ninja variety. Escaping to the sewers they find a potentially paradox-inducing ally, as well as a new fight in this time…but this one is of their choosing, rather than allowing Renet to simply send them home. And by the end of the story, one of the turtles is left wondering about the present in light of the future they’d just witnessed.

Even without the 2014 Annual or the previous 3 issues of this series, I quite enjoyed this issue. There’s a definite history not only of time travel in general with the turtles, but with future versions of the turtles themselves. Fondly recalling the various “future turtles” stories in the old TMNT Adventures series from Archie, I was drawn in all the more and looking at details here than I might have otherwise been. One panel alone suggests that the world’s been divided up between the Foot, Krang, and Baxter Stockman (apparently recognized as a Fly).

The only real drawback to this series–and this might just be the immediacy of this issue–is that off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything all that poignant from the previous issues to carry back into the main continuity, while this issue has some key stuff that would be great to see carried over. In a way, I’d even say this issue could (in tandem with the Annual) be read by itself, just knowing that the turtles had bounced around through several time periods before landing here.

As this is definitely a side story, I’m glad it didn’t interrupt the “flow” of the main series. But given this is the concluding issue of a 4-part mini series, unless you’re following this one specifically or single issues in general, I’d say you’re about as well off waiting for the collected volume as trying to track down the previous issues. At the same time, if you read the 2014 Annual, you should be able to dive into this issue without much problem, even without the first 3.

All told, I enjoyed the issue, and to me, that’s the main thing.

Krang, Utroms, and the Kraang

krang_utroms_kraang_thumbKrang is one element of the classic cartoon TMNT that in retrospect I’m not all that fond of. The toy, on the other hand, brings back some “fun memories.” “Nostalgia” might be a better word…I don’t know.

I recently posted about finding Classic Collection Krang at Toys R Us, and having that figure now adds a character to a small grouping that I own, that have appeared in some form across all three “main” TMNT toy lines (1980s, 2003, 2012).

While the pink brain itself has been missing from my collection for I-don’t-know-HOW-many-years, the Krang’s Android Body has been around my apartment for awhile…a cool (if incomplete) oversized “figure.”


The android body is about 2 1/2 times as tall as a basic Turtle, though the angle of my photo makes it look a bit bigger.

Krang’s walking contraption is–at top of the bubble–about as tall or only slightly shorter than one of the turtles.


Of course, though it was the basis of the “main” figure itself for awhile, the bubble contraption I believe only appeared in the first handful of episodes of the cartoon before the android body was introduced.


Though the idea of this creature essentially being a “brain in the stomach” was odd to me at first, back in the day. It wasn’t TOO long, though, before I discovered via the comics that Krang was based on an entire race of aliens from the comics…


…and part of what I so greatly enjoyed about the 2003 animated series was its adherence to the core elements of the Mirage comics. Here are three Utroms with android bodies from the 2003 line. They came with the little hover-platforms, so can fit either into the android body or as they’ve been shown to get around on the hover platforms without the bodies.


While Utroms were consolodated into the singular Krang character for the 1980s cartoon, they were introduced as generic villains in the 2012 series as a race called The Kraang…in OBVIOUS homage to the 1980s. These again are brains in the android bodies, though I haven’t bothered to pull enough to pop one out…they don’t come RIGHT out, and I don’t feel like tearing one if they’re really glued in there.


So, as with the turtles themselves, I now have a full complement across all 3 “generations” of figures for a given character.

Of course, I’d love to find the “regular-size” figure that came out late in the 1980s run. Sadly I doubt I’d find one for a decent price…I’d be happy to find one “loose” for under $10. Still sounds a bit steep, recalling the turtle figures were once $3.49 apiece. But then, many modern figures are $10 anyway, and to get a vintage figure even without the card for that price isn’t horrible. I do remember seeing it once or twice, but had “outgrown” getting the turtle figures at that point (obviously I’ve grown back in).

New TMNT Classic Collection Acquisitions: Krang and Foot Soldier

I recall being somewhat disappointed at the limited nature of the “Classic Collection” TMNT line, as it seemed to be limited solely to a single original “wave” of figures–four turtles, Splinter, and Shredder.

I recently stopped into a Toys R Us looking for a current Nickleodeon 2012 Slash figure, and came across a bit of a pleasant surprise: two new figures in that Classic Collection line!

Firstly, the original “edition” of Krang, back when he was just a brain in a walking bubble contraption:


While to this day I cannot say I’m overly fond of the character in general…there is definitely a bit of the nostalgia even here, as I DID used to have this version of the figure back in the day. I never did get to acquire the “regular sized” Krang-in-android-body figure I recall seeing at least once.

However, I had gotten the large android body that this figure fit into…though somewhere through the years Krang himself disappeared on me, while I have the android body at my apartment…


And I only ever had one single Foot Soldier back in the day. I don’t recall if it was due to not finding multiples, or just not coming around to buying multiple copies of the “same” figure. This restores that single figure status quo for the moment…though I’m certainly interested in buying several more.

That these two figures showed up gives me hope that we’ll at LEAST get a re-issue of the Bebop and Rocksteady figures. Rocksteady was THE very first TMNT figure I ever owned (back in the days when you simply could not find the turtles themselves despite stores like Toys R Us having what my memory suggests was HUNDREDS of figures on the pegs…

TMNT Toys in the Wild – Slash, Spider-Bytez, Rahzar, Mutagen Man

More TMNT toys “in the wild” that I’ve come across but not (yet) bought…Figure and profile from the card backs.



slash_profileI specifically did not buy this one because of the damaged package. I’m not one to worry too much about the package on an older toy, especially when/if priced well compared to a “new” toy. And I certainly don’t buy into the need to have pristine packaging when what matters is the toy INSIDE. However, for something NEW, something I”m paying full retail price for…I certainly want to be satisfied with what I am spending my money on. And I don’t like paying for damaged product, when I know I *should* be able to find the figure later withOUT a damaged package.



spider_bytez_profileThis is one of those characters I don’t know much about or char about, and seems like just one of those crazy characters made up for the sake of a figure, except I do know he already had appeared on the show. Still, for sheer bulk, I’ve been half tempted to buy this one….and might yet, if the whim strikes.



rahzar_profileAfter keeping an eye out for a lotta months, I finally came across this figure itself…almost like it had been delayed or such, after seeing all the other figures numerous times that were supposed to be out at the same time. Now I’ve come across this one several times in the span of a few days…so I’m in no rush to buy it…haven’t decided if I actually want to or not, so no sense rushing a purchase. Especially if I am actually going to (finally) keep coming across the figure.



mutagen_man_profileI remember having the original Mutagen Man figure from the ’80s toy line. It was such a random sort of character, and with the condition of that show’s universe being that the merest contact with ooze would un-mutate the turtles, it seemed like a villain that wouldn’t make much sense–they couldn’t deal with him, period. This version seems just as hokey, but at least the figure seems based on the character rather than the other way around. Still, this is another figure that perhaps for sheer bulk might be something I pick up eventually.

New (Classic) Ninja Turtle Plushies

plush_tmnt_group_09062014In the spring, I happened across a large plush Ninja Turtle. Some sort of “pillow pal,” basically a large plushie/pillow. Initially I figured ok, I’ll just get the Leonardo one. But then decided I wanted to get Raphael. Having those two, I ended up pointedly tracking down Donatello and Michelangelo.

More recently I happened across a Donatello one styled after the “classic” ’80s cartoon series. Seeing the 2010 copyright date on the tag, I figured it was some one-off “leftover” that got found and tossed out into general stock, but was surely from a series that pre-dated the current animated series (which the “pillow pals” were based on).

Then I found a whole bunch of ‘em and realized they were newer because of the movie out this year. And this time I got Raphael first, but then Leonardo. And once again, I’m now leaning heavily toward wanting the full set, as they do look quite different from the set I already got.

But time will tell, if I actually manage to find ‘em, as I have yet to ever see them at any Target, and Walmart seems to think they’re only allowed to have anything out for a week before they have to completely stop carrying it…




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