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Batman #683 [Review]

Batman: What the Butler Saw

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Lee Garbett
Inker: Trevor Scott
Colorist: Guy Major
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher
Asst. Editor: Janelle Siegel
Editor: Mike Marts
Cover: Alex Ross (variant by Tony Daniel)
Publisher: DC Comics

DC could really benefit from a “previously” page. I know I say that quite a bit, but it’s something that–especially in the contemporary written-for-the-collection environment–just seems so very practical that I still don’t quite “get” why they haven’t followed Marvel’s example in this.

This issue resumes the journey to certain points throughout the history of Batman as the imprisoned Batman struggles against his Apokaliptian foes. As the struggle climaxes, we see what’s been happening in this post-RIP story–and also get clarification as to what DID happen at the end of RIP.

While I’m not that familiar with Garbett’s art–nor is he Tony Daniel–the art works here, and being the same as the previous issue feels less a departure than continuation with the “new” or “different” art team’s style. This isn’t the greatest art I’ve ever seen, but it is far better than a lot of what can be found in certain other comics.

Having had a couple weeks to cool after the disappointment of RIP’s conclusion, this feels slightly less the trainwreck I declared the previous issue, though this issue holds a similar disappointment as we now have to follow Batman into Final Crisis for his story (and presumably for whatever has led to the RIP arcs in Robin and Nightwing as well as the upcoming Battle for the Cowl and whatnot).

The writing is also slightly less frustrating here–where the previous issue was choppy and lacked context, this issue actually reveals what is going on, which provides perfect context for the choppiness, and shows that Morrison is perfectly able to deliver short stories with payoff instead of dragging stuff across numerous issues.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a jump-on point, though if you’re following Final Crisis and want more of what happen(s/ed) to Batman after that early issue he was taken off the board in, this arc’s for you–it is, after all, marked with “Final Crisis” on its cover.

The cover is another fine image from Alex Ross…and another that I feel is quite poster-worthy.

Story: 7/10
Art: 7/10
Whole: 7/10

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