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Superman #683 [Review]

New Krypton part nine: Hard Times!

Writer: James Robinson
Pencillers: Renato Guedes & Jorge Correa Jr.
Inker: Wilson Magalhares & Jorge Correa Jr.
Colorist: David Curiel
Letterer: John J. Hill
Asst. Editor: Wil Moss
Editor: Matt Idelson
Cover: Alex Ross (variant by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story & Laura Martin)
Publisher: DC Comics

Superman faces a number of Earth super-heroes in this issue’s opening sequence–asking that they leave and let him attend to locating the Kryptonians who were responsible for a number of police deaths. They in turn give Supes an ultimatum–a half-hour before they’ll go into action. Superman confronts his aunt, and begins to realize things are beyond his control. As the battle is joined, we have Kryptonians vs. super-heroes, and then a moment between Superman and Supergirl that takes me back to a 1992 issue of Action Comics. The issue concludes with a certain “cavalry” arriving.

I’m still not the biggest fan of the art for this title–the style just seems a bit “off” to me; as probably stated before, the visual is shared by the entire art team–sometimes it’s the coloring that seems most “off” to me. I actually think I’d prefer to see Guedes’ linework inked and left uncolored–that might give me a different perception.

The story is decent if lacking complexity. Then again, given that we’re into the ninth chapter of this crossover story, it’s goot to get to action and not be bogged down with overly-complex layering and whatnot. The characters and situations are quite believable and make sense contextually. This certainly isn’t the best issue of this title–nor the “New Krypton” story–but it’s a solid chapter (and didn’t seem like some plot device forced into it for the sake of re-introducing old characters).

Not one to skip if you’re following the story; by this point in the story I assume one’s probably going to pick issues up whatever complaints they have, and doubt my recommendation would do much here. I’d recommend picking up earlier chapters before just grabbing this and wading in, of course.

Story: 7.5/10
Art: 6/10
Whole: 6.5/10

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