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Golly! #4 [Review]

The Coven of Candy Creek Court, part one

Story: Phil Hester
Art: Brook Turner
Cover: Tyler Walpole
Digital Inks & Colors: Bruce McCorkindale
Letters: Aaron Gillespie
Publisher: Image Comics

I’d nearly forgotten about this series–been a couple months at least sinced the last issue. Seems this is going to be one of those series that comes out sporadically–perhaps by the arc, with gaps between stories–so I’m a little bit iffy on keeping with it. Something about the series’ first three issues, though, had me interested enough to see where this concept could go beyond that initial story, so I wound up with this issue in my hands.

We pick up with the cast in a bit of slice-of-life type action around the carnival as they interact with attendees. However, they (relatively) soon figure out what their next “mission” is, and set upon its undertaking. This mission involves sex-vampires and their dark master, and leaves our “heroes” in an interesting situation when they visit the vampires’ apparent home–discovering their sustenance–and getting an up-close and personal meeting with their master.

The story and characters seem to be fairly stock figures, still…nothing all that deep. There’s potential, of course, but whatever I thought of the first arc, right now for this issue I feel like most of the plot is rather cliche. Amidst the cliche, there’s a definite irreverence to the story and characters. One who “gets” such irreverence should find plenty of fun gags and such throughout the issue.

The visuals are pretty good, and I have little trouble telling characters apart or following what’s going on…and I am thankful that a couple plot-points were kept mostly off-panel.

All in all, if friends who are part of a carnival traveling the country to participate in a mostly-aborted semi-Apocalypse sounds at all interesting to you, this’ll be your thing. For that matter, it actually does come off better than that sounds. This is no Hellblazer, but you could do far worse for your money.

And hey…it’s full-color-full-size issue, for only $3.50. I don’t like going above $3 for my comics, but for the moment I’ll make OCCASIONAL exceptions to support books that are slightly more reasonably-priced than a certain marvelous competitor.

Not recommended for the weak-stomached.

Story: 6/10
Art: 7/10
Whole: 6.5/10

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