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Wherein a blogger returns from unplanned hiatus

I’ve essentially been on hiatus the last several weeks.

Tonight, while closing tabs, noticed an ad on a facebook page. Something about seminary. I clicked on it, and was taken to the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School site. I browsed a few pages starting with the Financial Aid and cost of living stuff. Then I spotted the “Extension site” information, and recalled that one of their extension sites is maybe 10 minutes from my apartment. Started looking at what extension classes were offered, and courses.

Long story short, I eventually wound up reading through a syllabus for one of the classes, and with the concept of a non-degree course (taking a course for the sake of taking it rather than toward a degree) being $220ish…

I’m (if only at this late sleep-deprived hour) beginning to think seriously about trying to take a class this fall. I’ve had the idea in the back of my head to try to get back into some sorta school-type thing, even if not toward any degree. And I’m realizing that stuff like that is only going to happen if I actually GO for it instead of letting it languish as an “idea” for “next fall” or “the next semester” or whatever.

The feeling I had–the excitement of reading the syllabus, considering the reading material, contemplating the guidelines laid out for the 15-paged academic paper that would make up the majority of the course grade…the wheels that started turning in my mind and the INTEREST in it all…

It just reinforces in me the knowledge that I’m at my best in an academic setting. I may “survive” “real life,” but I thrive in the academic environment…in some ways, probably always have.

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