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Remembering my cat…one year later.

I don’t even know where to begin…not for this public post. Not with emotions stirred up and raw tonight.

One year ago, after several days of processing a leukemia diagnosis given my cat, I received The Call, and my mom informed me that she was gone.

Just gone, just like that.

I never got to say goodbye.

In my wildest imaginings, in the worst-case-scenario I’d pictured…it never dawned on me until that moment that I would never see Christy again.

So life goes on. It’s been a year.

The feelings seem fresher than ever, perhaps for noting this morbid anniversary.

And maybe some would suggest I forget, that it’s not that big a deal, that she was “just a cat,” or whatever.

But I can’t do that. I won’t do that.

This cat was part of my life for 13 1/2 years, virtually half my life.

And other than my other cat–Kayla–and my sister and parents–there has been no other (human or otherwise) that has been SUCH a constant to this point in my life.

Tonight, I sat down thinking to take several minutes and copy/paste a handful of photos into a single image file. Time passed quickly, and when I next thought about it, well over an hour had passed, and I had this image (below). Click on the image/link for the full-size image.

Photos From Home #10

DC Infinite Heroes
Captain Marvel/Shazam; Superman; Wonder Woman; Flash; Green Arrow; Green Lantern; Guy Gardner; Silver Age Supergirl; Dr. Fate; Spectre; Atom; Wildcat; Hawkman; Black Lightning; Jim Gordon; Sinestro; Joker; etc.

These two shelves are the larger part of what’s on a living-room wall. The other shelf has some of my Marvel 3.75″ figures, as well as some of my favorites from DC Direct. Other things fit nicely along with the shelves for further decoration of the area.

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