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Tales from the Life of Walt

For the last few years, I’ve been creating comic cover style images from photos I’ve taken (and occasionally from friends’ photos as well). I find that I enjoy it, and so have kept it up. I also enjoy simply figuring out a good layout for a cover, and designing logos and whatnot.

Recently, I’ve not had nearly as much opportunity for creating these, as life’s been busy and I’ve not had the social time I once did with friends, and the social time that I have had has not involved much photography.

Given that, I realized a way to continue creating covers and messing with photos and photoshop would be to make use of older, existing photos. With that in mind, I figured that in the spirit of actual comics delving back into the history of an ongoing story, I’d “borrow” a title: the “Tales From…” bit.

While I’ve generally gone with the idea that The Life of Walt is the equivilent of a monthly, once-per-month thing…I’ve done covers with other titles to get around that if I have several photos I want to use that don’t work together, or that I prefer to spotlight individually. I’ve pretty much decided this would probably be a bi-weekly series, filling out stuff not much touched on with my initial run of covers. It’s also modeled after the Tales of the TMNT comic, in that the flexibility is there to go all throughout the “continuity.”

With these covers, the first issue goes back to just after my graduation from Kent State–hanging out with a couple friends, and a surprise graduation party some friends sprung on me.  The second issue goes back to the Fall semester after that, when I was part of a 5-guy bible study group (later a sixth joined).

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