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So sick of Variants!

Edited to add: a previous rant/example of this topic.

I was rather excited to realize that the new ONGOING Incredibles series would have its first issue out today.  At the comic store, it was the first thing I looked for…lo ‘n behold, there was one single copy of the issue left, so I grabbed it right up.

But something looked just a bit “off” by it.  It’s a first issue.  It’s THE INCREDIBLES.  But…it ONLY showed Mr. Incredible himself, and Dash.  What about his wife, daughter, and the baby?!? Then I noticed two hands on the cover, coming from off-panel…flipped the book over hoping, Hoping, HOPING it was a wrap-around…but no such luck.  Finally, noticed in small type “Cover B” on the cover, and with disgust, I put the book back on the shelf.

I was so actively disgusted that I texted this to my Twitter feed before I turned the car on to leave:

Boom just lost me on The Incredibles…on principle. Variants by splitting 1 image to 2+ covers of the SAME issue is NOT cute.

Now, taking one image and splitting it into two, each being the cover to issues 1 & 2 respectively…THAT”s not my ideal, but I’m ok with that. Buy issue 1, buy issue 2….ooooh! look! A bigger image!

But for one to have to buy MULTIPLE COPIES of the SAME ISSUE just to get a FULL IMAGE is ridiculous! And this isn’t the first case of something like this zapping my interest in something on principle…there were a couple issues of Justice League, and even Justice Society that had this stunt pulled.  The current Justice League: Cry for Justice did this.  Heck, the Incredibles’ own 4-issue mini-series that I was ALSO stoked for had this stunt with ITS first issue, which I thus refused to buy.

It’s frustrating ENOUGH to have variants AT ALL…but at least even the fairly common 50/50 variants are full images. (There WAS the case of New Avengers 1-6 having variants that when put together formed a single image–but the “poster variants” were ratioed variants (1:6 or 1:10 or 1:25 or such) which was an issue all its own).

I’ve read reviews of The Incredibles’ comics by reviewers whose opinions I not only trust, but they’ve turned me on to a NUMBER of comics/books/films through the years who have offered glowing reviews of these comics.

And I want to like ’em, want to support ’em as single issues…stuff enjoyable for adults yet appropriate for kids.

But these variants?

It’s a principle.

I won’t support this practice. And by not getting the first issue, I won’t be getting the 2nd issue. And so on.


Tomorrow: should have several new reviews up; tentatively Deadpool #16, World of New Krypton #8[at cX], Haunt #1, and Batman & Robin #5 [at cX].

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