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Change is in the air

“It’s part of growing up, I suppose…you always have to leave something behind you.” ~ Edwin (Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: Season of Mists)

For several months, I’ve been noticing my trips to the comic store have been getting more and more expensive, with my per-week cost climbing significantly. A lot of that is due to jumping on new Batman titles with the post-Battle for the Cowl launch; the Blackest Night event with its core mini and ancillary minis; and a friend recently turning me on to the Deadpool books.

The last several weeks I’ve had times where I’ve had to leave a comic on the shelf because what I can budget for that week for comics hits its upper limit. On the plus side (better or worse), I haven’t really missed several of these. Others I’m going to miss, but it comes down to what I’m most enjoying reading, and what I find myself most looking forward to in a given month or week. I can’t afford to buy comics that slip to the bottom of the weekly pile or even go unread entirely for weeks on end because I’m not actually excited to read that issue.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve been keeping up with several series specifically to be able to review them. I can’t afford to keep that up right now.

Unfortunately, that means that what’s left does give me a certain bias in reviews: I can ONLY review the books that I’m actually buying (until/unless anyone provides me with review copies of anything), and I can only buy what I can justify…and said justification comes with a pre-conceived expectation of actually enjoying a book.

Still…expectation does not necessarily mean actuality. And of course, for those of you actually reading these reviews…you’ll still be getting my honest thoughts regarding a given issue–that will definitely not change.  As far as this blog, I plan to continue reviewing what I can; sharing my thoughts/opinions on the occasions I choose to post the random thoughts, and of course, sharing other content as I come up with it–like my series of photos last month.

Ultimately, there’s something to the old saying…”the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

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