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Thoughts on Wonder Woman’s new costume

So, given that everyone else is chiming in on Wonder Woman’s new costume, figured I might as well weigh in myself.

I like it.

Maybe it’s not as “iconic” (partially for the fact that it’s NEW and there’s only been a week or so since it was unveiled to the public)…but it’s a darned sight more practical than the traditional one-piece bathing-suit look.

I’ve NEVER been one to gravitate toward comics’ “bad girl” comics or the obvious ‘cheesecake’ comics (see: Lady Death, pre-Marz Witchblade, Vampirella, etc).

And though I’ve picked up a few issues here and there of the Wonder Woman titles…I’ve always felt funny about reading them in public, as it seemed likely someone not so much into comics would look at it and see a late-20-something male reading a comic with an admittedly less-than-fully-garbed female superhero…especially when certain artists will accentuate certain…anatomical details. There’s also the classic question: HOW exactly does she avoid “wardrobe malfunctions” every time she fights the bad guys, etc?

This getup fits. You have the red and blue and yellow (same colors Superman wears without catching flack for lack of white). The “W” is maintained, the wristbands, belt, and tiara…and of course the lasso.

If I hadn’t already decided to wait out the single issues to read JMS’ arc in collected format, I’d be picking up Wonder Woman #601 to get more of a look at how the costume fits the character in more than just the several prologue pages that we’ve already got from Wonder Woman #600.

I’d be shocked if this is permanent, anyway. Perhaps the costume’ll last the duration of JMS’ run on the book…but as with any character death or other major change…give it time. Someone’s gonna “have to” bring something old back, because they want to “restore” something that they miss that has been changed about a character. Whether it takes just a few months, a couple years, or manages to last 20 years.

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