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Wonder Woman Variants that Could Have Been

Wonder Woman #600 just came out this past Wednesday. One element celebrating this anniversary was the inclusion of a number of “pinup pages” where other artists were able to do a full-page image of Wonder Woman. Offhand, this month’s DC anniversary issues have been the first time in AGES that I have seen this practice in a DC or Marvel comic.

The trend now for the better part of a decade has been to–instead of having pin-up pages for an issue with a “special occasion” or just as a bonus for the heckuvit if an artist wants to contribute–do variant covers instead.

To illustrate the point to myself (and with a bit of time on my hands) I created the following images.  Though there are certainly differences in composition when an artist knows an image is destined to be a cover vs. simply a full-page image without logos and such to be placed…I’d say these are pretty close to being reasonable covers.

Below is the actual cover, followed by the mockup images of some covers-that-could-have-been.

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