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Pull lists

For the first time since I was a teenager, I have started an actual pull list.

Back then, when I was heading off to college and knew I wouldn’t have regular access to a comic shop, it was Capp’s Comics, in Mentor, OH. I’d been going to the shop for over 7 years at that point, and it was a simple matter. Gave my list to the owner, and he pulled those titles for me, and periodically I would get a phone call telling me it was time to come in an pick up my books.

I had that pull list/box for several years…truthfully, I don’t remember now if I ever specifically pulled the plug, or if that one went out of existence during the 7 or so months from when I moved out on my own for the first time a few months after graduation and didn’t make it back in to visit the shop. (It was also during this time that I would occasionally mail-order some comics…which got me on an email list that led to my being a reviewer over at Comixtreme).

A few years back, I started a single-title pull list at my then-main LCS for The Thing. The title was struggling, and there was a push to support it, and I was convinced to try the book. By adding the title to one’s pull list, arguably, one was showing one’s support….the comic shop would know they’d have a “guaranteed sale” and order at least that many more copies, if not that “plus one” for the shelf. (Two months later, the book WAS cancelled, and with it, my pull list faded to nothingness).

A couple years ago, after growing ever more frustrated at only being able to get issues of Tales of the TMNT when I visited a friend in Michigan and went to his LCS or ordering online…it dawned on me. Just start a pull list for the TMNT books. My comic shop may not order the title for the shelf, but there was no problem with ordering a copy for a specific customer.

So for the last couple years, Tales of the TMNT and related TMNT books were ordered and kept for me, and all was good.

A couple months ago, I discovered that my LCS was only getting 1 copy of any given Boom! Kids title–the singles don’t sell well, though the collections do. So I re-opened my pull list for Darkwing Duck and Uncle Scrooge. Yet, at only two titles, and buying a number of other titles, I never truly considered that–nor the TMNT stuff–a real, actual pull list.

I’ve been planning for weeks now to throw in with this LCS I’ve been going to for nearly 3 years now. One reason or another kept putting me off as I procrastinated. I knew I was forgetting a title, and wanted to turn in a complete pull list. This, That, Whatever.

Even this afternoon, as I took an early lunch to make it to the LCS shortly after 1 while most of the comics would still be on the shelf…I realized how “old” it’s gotten, wondering if a book I was interested in would still be there. Calling across town to another shop if something was, and stopping in there, an added side-trip. Both possibly being out, and having to hope that yet another store in my OLD stomping grounds had something still in stock on Friday.

So today, after work, I swung by the comic shop for the 3rd time in 2 days (they’re closed on Tuesdays? I never GO on Tuesdays, so I did not recall that little factoid…and this afternoon I forgot my list when I took an early lunch and left my book with the list tucked into it on my desk at work).

The owner took a quick look at my list–possibly surprised at my organization (for good or ill, I’m not sure), and commented that yeah, he’d better start pulling these, as they’re books he orders pretty light on. As I left, he said he’d be pulling these for me moving forward, and I thanked him, and was on my way.

Excepting the obvious…the comics (and a magazine) that I’m getting are all now being pulled at this LCS…now officially–more than ever–my HOME comic shop. The pull list–full, actual, real–now renders any other comic shop that of “other” or “backup.”

And y’know what?

It’s kinda cool having a “home” comic shop once more.

– Life with Archie: The Married Life

– Darkwing Duck
– Uncle Scrooge

– Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom
– Magnus, Robot Fighter
– Usagi Yojimbo

– GI Joe: A Real American Hero

– Invincible
– Savage Dragon

– Invincible Iron Man
– X-Men

– No Quarter Magazine

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