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She would have been 20 today

When we got her, she came with “papers.” She was a “purebred” seal-point Himalayan. She was 15 months old, and her full registered name was “Miss Kayla Krystal.”

But we didn’t get her for show, or for breeding. She was our family pet. And while she started out as “the cat,” she quickly became a part of the family. She wasn’t JUST some cat. Not to us. Not to me.

And we were blessed to have her as part of this family for a little over 18 years. She was there when I went off to high school, when I moved out for college. She saw me go through grad school, and beyond.

And that little cat, who meant so much–whose loss still stings, and may always sting (18 years isn’t just some walk in the park)….

She would have been 20 today.

A week of no comics

I honestly don’t offhand recall the last time this happened.

Oh, there were new comics this week–except for that week last December that Diamond took a break, there’ve been new comics out every week as far back as I can recall while being aware of the direct market system.

But this past week (September 29, to be exact) the only comic I would’ve been picking up was the new issue of The Savage Dragon. And as I didn’t plan to review it for cxPulp.com (formerly comixtreme.com), and it’d be the only issue I’d be buying, and it’s a “rent paycheck week” where my budget’s rather tight…I decided to do something I haven’t done in ages.

I skipped the weekly comic shop trip.

It’s a bit easier, as the issue is on my pull list, so will be waiting for me next time I do go to the shop.

But what I also find interesting is that part of me is hoping the coming week will be another such week. Wondering if I have it in me to skip two weeks.

Part of it is made easier by the fact that over the past couple months, I’ve taken up miniatures painting, with a focus on WARMACHINE from Privateer Press. I don’t know how into the game itself I’m going to get, but after GenCon 2010, I made a pretty quick and hefty investment into paints, supplies, and so on, and got right into priming my miniatures, and then about a month ago and after a “practice” generic Reaper miniature (Death Knight), I began painting my first WARMACHINE miniature–a Khadoran Iron Fang Pikeman.

This weekend, I finished my 6th, 7th, and 8th Pikemen, which completes my first generic “unit” for a miniatures game.

I also–in essentially one sitting (with breaks for nature’s call, brunch, and a cat who decided he wanted to see what was holding so much of my attention) painted a character mini–the Butcher of Khardov.

Perhaps I’ll post some photos soon.

And depending on what’s shipping this week…maybe it’ll be worth going to the comic store?

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