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A week of no comics

I honestly don’t offhand recall the last time this happened.

Oh, there were new comics this week–except for that week last December that Diamond took a break, there’ve been new comics out every week as far back as I can recall while being aware of the direct market system.

But this past week (September 29, to be exact) the only comic I would’ve been picking up was the new issue of The Savage Dragon. And as I didn’t plan to review it for cxPulp.com (formerly comixtreme.com), and it’d be the only issue I’d be buying, and it’s a “rent paycheck week” where my budget’s rather tight…I decided to do something I haven’t done in ages.

I skipped the weekly comic shop trip.

It’s a bit easier, as the issue is on my pull list, so will be waiting for me next time I do go to the shop.

But what I also find interesting is that part of me is hoping the coming week will be another such week. Wondering if I have it in me to skip two weeks.

Part of it is made easier by the fact that over the past couple months, I’ve taken up miniatures painting, with a focus on WARMACHINE from Privateer Press. I don’t know how into the game itself I’m going to get, but after GenCon 2010, I made a pretty quick and hefty investment into paints, supplies, and so on, and got right into priming my miniatures, and then about a month ago and after a “practice” generic Reaper miniature (Death Knight), I began painting my first WARMACHINE miniature–a Khadoran Iron Fang Pikeman.

This weekend, I finished my 6th, 7th, and 8th Pikemen, which completes my first generic “unit” for a miniatures game.

I also–in essentially one sitting (with breaks for nature’s call, brunch, and a cat who decided he wanted to see what was holding so much of my attention) painted a character mini–the Butcher of Khardov.

Perhaps I’ll post some photos soon.

And depending on what’s shipping this week…maybe it’ll be worth going to the comic store?

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