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The obligatory ‘The Walking Dead’ post

I watched the premiere of The Walking Dead on Halloween, at 10pm on AMC.

As did many, many others. And as far as I know, there was at least one encore presentation immediately following the conclusion of the premiere, and I’m reasonably certain there’s a 3rd showing going on right now.

I’ll maybe go into more detail later, I’m sure.

But for now, it’s enough to say that I was highly impressed, and greatly enjoyed this. One might even say that this show–the 6 episodes of this first season, at least–is (for me) the culmination of a four-year journey into the Zombie sub-genre of Horror.

I’m pretty sure it was November 2006 that I dove into the genre, kicked off by having thoroughly enjoyed Marvel’s Marvel Zombies project and deciding to check out the first (bargain-priced at $9.99!) volume of Kirkman’s The Walking Dead that I’d been hearing quite a bit of good about.

I also found myself watching quite a number of zombie flicks (and several non-zombie horror flicks in the Evil Dead series).

Shaun of the Dead, the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake quickly emerged as my favorites of that bunch. Since then, I’ve added Diary of the Dead to the top of my list of favorite zombie flicks. I’ve also determined that I absolutely prefer the Romero-style zombies over the “smart” or “talking” zombies found in the Living Dead flicks.

Back to The Walking Dead…

I so thoroughly enjoyed the premiere that I was 17 or so minutes into the encore presentation before it even occurred to me to turn the tv off. I DVRed this here at home (though I watched it live) and though I thus have it for re-watchability…I’ve got every intention of picking up the inevitable DVD release to add to my zombie collection.

If you didn’t see it, and have any interest in zombies or a post-apocalyptic human drama, and have access to be able to…do yourself a favor and give the show a chance.

The first episode is even kinda like a movie in itself…ending in a way that COULD be a typical ending to a generic zombie-flick.

The beauty here is…the story’s gonna keep going.

The Walking Dead is the zombie flick that doesn’t end.

And we–as the viewers of the tv show and/or the readers of the comic series–are richer for it.

One Response

  1. Good one Walt.
    Here’s my review of episode 1 too (and a lot more stuff too)

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