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A quick 2nd-to-last week of 2010 comics rundown

deadpool30 While making my usual trip to the comic shop during lunch on Wednesday, I–along with my pull-list books–bought a small stack of old Archies to give coworkers in place of Christmas cards.

The next day, I wound up at another comic shop in search of Vertigo Resurrected: Shoot (which I should have picked up several weeks ago when I saw it at a friend’s local shop in Michigan). After rejecting several cool/interesting-looking Marvel books due to the $3.99 price (I’ve lost track of how many sales Marvel has missed out from me on impulse sales alone, for that $3.99 point killing any impulse). I spotted Deadpool #30 and saw that it was a tie-in to the just-wrapped Curse of the Mutants story from X-Men.

Seeing the cover—DP’s grin and the label “Vampire Hickey”—was sufficiently amusing as to draw me in. And the book remaining at the $2.99 price point was enough to get an impulse sale there. (Not too thrilled that this 2-parter begins the same week the main story ended, though).

It proved to be a solid read, though…the story ties in thematically to the main Curse of the Mutants story, but seems to stand on its own. As far as I can tell, this is a simple 2-part story, thankfully (as opposed to a full 6-issue arc)…which is something I can definitely get behind, given my feelings on single issues vs. collected editions.

That Deadpool considers and refers to all vampires as “draculas” whether or not they’re THE Dracula was perfectly in-character and amusing to me…and the tone of the entire issue “felt” like I would expect of a Deadpool book…the consistency is quite welcome.

With the batch of comics I picked up from my pull list, I have an issue of Savage Dragon (I still have to read a couple previous issues, so the new #167 has to wait); an issue of Invincible (still have to read #75, so #76 has to wait); X-Men #6, and Invincible Iron Man #33.

xmen6 X-Men #6 is the conclusion to the main Curse of the Mutants arc, and reading it, I think I may have missed reading issue #5, which will necessitate probably going back through to read the entire arc.

I didn’t really know what to expect of this title back when it was announced, but found that with the Death of Dracula prequel, I was hooked, opting to continue with the title after the first issue. I like Gischler’s take on the characters. Cyclops fits well within established personality for the character, and Wolverine was used to good effect here.

The changes to Jubilee have some potential for re-developing the character, particularly as the last I recalled being aware of her was in being one of the “victims” of “No More Mutants” half a decade back.

Though I’m—as a casual reader—enjoying the title…Marvel does itself an incredible disservice pricing so many of its books at $3.99. It’s that price point that had me wary of following this title’s first arc to begin with…and now that the first arc is done, it’s why I’m going to bail on the singles and perhaps snag the collected edition of the next arc if I can afford to.

invincibleironman33 Finally, Invincible Iron Man #33 presents the NINTH chapter of “Stark Resilient.” This is also the ninth consecutive issue of the title I’ve picked up, beginning back in the spring when I picked up #25 on a whim for the start of the “Heroic Age.”

I’d expected a “traditional” six-issue arc, but this one keeps dragging on…I’ve already seen that Marvel’s put out a collected volume already for the first part of this arc (not sure if it was 4 or 6 issues, and I don’t care—more on that in a moment).

This story as a whole has been good…but mostly when taken as a huge chunk. Individual issues—while full of potential and solid writing—haven’t had all that much to offer, being such small parts of the full story being told.

This is the final “regular” issue of the title. After 33 issues, the next issue jumps 467 issues to call itself #500…a stunt I’m also not thrilled with, and makes me hope that that issue is the final issue of this arc so I can jump off from a completed story, on principle of the numbering.

Two of my major pet peeves in comics these days include the whole number-monkeying business, and multiple collected editions for a single story arc under 12 chapters/issues. Marvel is now guilty of both with this title…which provides me a good point for jumping off.

All in all, though, despite those complaints…a decent week for comics; weekend’s drawing to a close, and I still have reading to do—a plus.

One more week’s worth of comics before 2011. 

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