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“Classic Reviews” 2011

I got my start in reviewing by responding to a call for new reviewers I saw in an email newsletter from X-World Comics. I was offered a position writing reviews for comixtreme.com, and jumped in as the reviewer for the Outsiders (2003 series), Hellblazer, TMNT (2001 series) and Tales of the TMNT (2004 series).

Over time, I reviewed a number of other series, and built up quite a body of work these past 6+ years.

This past summer, due to a number of factors, comixtreme.com has become cxpulp.com, and though the old reviews are technically still available, they’re not part of the site itself anymore. As I’ve also written a number of reviews for this blog–I originally started this blog as a place for me to post reviews of comics that others were covering at comixtreme–and now that my pre-June 2010 reviews no longer have a home, I’ll be posting them here as “Classic Reviews.”

There’ll still be the usual new reviews and other content–but in addition to the usual, these classic reviews will be posted daily for however long it takes until all my pre-Summer 2010 comixtreme reviews are posted in their entirety on this blog.

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