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The plans of mice and men

usagionshelfwith2volsY’know….when the year was dawning, 5/6 weeks ago…I hastily rushed into a couple things.

One was a “to-be-read” book challenge—I assembled a list of twelve books I’ve been meaning to read, and the goal is to get through those by the end of 2011. An “alternates” list is allowed, which I also maxed out at 12 books. The year is still young—it only took one full month to get through my first book, and I’m already into a second book—which I didn’t even realize was going to exist. Meanwhile, I’m about 1/3 into the audiobook version of one of my alternates.

buffyssn1The other thing was something I’d heard about from several podcasts the last several years—to “adopt” a character. I decided to do so with Usagi Yojimbo, having intended for ages to read and learn more about the character, but never quite getting myself around to it.

Then as the year actually dawned, I realized multiple seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were on Netflix streaming.

Thought about picking up where I’d left off 5 1/2 years earlier at the end of the first season, but opted to just start fresh at the beginning. Some idle curiosity combined with some casual checking out, and I found myself quickly drawn into the show.

buffythevampireslayerseasoneight001Tonight, I finished the 3rd season; meaning I’ve averaged about half a season per week. Of course, I’m now to the point where Angel spun off into his own show, and the question becomes: do I simply continue on through Buffy, and then double back to watch Angel…or do I flip back and forth and attempt to follow both series simultaneously, the way they originally aired?

And as I realize how much time I’ve spent…Usagi sits on the shelf, and it seems that I’ve in many ways “adopted” Buffy as a character to focus on this year.

buffythevampireslayerseasoneight040Of course, part of it NOW may be that I’ve come across spoilers. I went back and listened to an old episode of the 2-in-1 Showcase, where they touched on some key episodes, and talked about the beginning of the comic series serving as the show’s 8th “season.” I bought and read the final issue of that “Season Eight” series this past weekend. I stumbled across some other spoilers, and so I generally know where things go…who makes it to the end of the tv episodes, at least, and have some idea of what goes on with other characters.

Which makes me itch all the more for the journey, to actually get to these milestones. I’ve also been curious if I’ll recognize the episodes that I recall watching as brand new episodes back in Fall 1999 or so when I was home from college one weekend.

I also find myself with a growing interest in the comics, and wondering if I’ll talk myself into waiting til I finish the actual tv seasons before I jump into the season 8 comics, or even that blu-ray motion comic…which may actually, now that I think of it, be the catalyst that prompted me to check netflix and discover the presence of the multiple earlier seasons.

Whatever the case…as with many things….get me hooked, and I tend to dive into stuff. I may come to the party late, but I commit pretty quick.

Season 3 showed the characters’ graduation day from high school…and I’m thinking that this may be a good point to take a break. I’ve got a number of movies I’ve been meaning to watch, and putting off in favor of Buffy. My roommate and I just got our third TimeWarner DVR box—the other one crapped out barely 18 months after we got it—which also frees up some time, as I lost about 60% of the current seasons of Castle and House, some Chuck, and other stuff I’d been planning to catch up on soon.

Movies and Buffy….thanks to netflix…make the “loss” rather annoying, but leave me with no lack of stuff to watch.

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