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Favorites of Walt: The Comic Shops #9 – Rupp’s Comics


Rupp’s is another of those shops that I’ve experienced in more than one location. Went to their then-location a number of times in 2004 with a friend (Rupp’s is—I believe–his "main" shop). The shop was more of a meeting point for us, giving a location and to meet at, and of course "new comics" was our excuse.

Back in 2004, they had Michael Turner out for a signing, and that’s–offhand–the only "signing" I’ve ever specifically gone to at a comic shop (though I met Dustin Nguyen in early 2004 at JC’s Comic Stop in Toledo).

They had a great back issue selection, which I recall perusing several times. Mostly I was just picking up new issues.

The owner once brought back a bunch of prints from a trip to Italy (where I believe he said he’d met Simone Bianchi). He also had some Italian prints of Jim Lee art–I bought one of the cover of the "Heroes" cover of the conclusion to Batman: Hush…which is presently framed and hanging on a wall in my living room.

In some ways, my most significant purchase was the first of the 5 G.I. Joe tpbs that Marvel published, collecting issues 1-10 of the Marvel G.I. Joe series.

A couple years back, the store moved to a new location where they’d had a ‘warehouse’…the store now has a main room for current/new comics, that I saw; and has a basement "warehouse" with dozens of longboxes of material–this warehouse is occasionally opened to the public for special "warehouse sales."

I attended one such sale on Free Comic Day 2009–where for $20 one could "fill a shortbox" or for $40, "fill a longbox."  Spent several hours with a friend, his fiancee, and another friend of his as we went through all the boxes, and filled longboxes.

I’ve also bumped into the owner at local one-day shows here in Ohio.

Though I’ve not been to Rupp’s all that often lately…and don’t have a lot of particular memories with the store…it’s still a great store, and one that I wish I had occasion to frequent more often. My writing here doesn’t begin to really do the place justice.

NEXT WEEK: Collector’s Palace.

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