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Return of the TMNT

The next slide announced IDW’s long-term deal with Nickelodeon to publish new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” comics. The first series will debut August 2011 and will be a new beginning for the Turtles, as it all “Starts from scratch.” No announcements yet on who will be writing or drawing, but it was mentioned that as part of the deal, both IDW and Nickelodeon have to sign off on the creators.There will also be a new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” comic series based on the CGI cartoon set to debut on Nickelodeon.Lastly for the Turtles, an oversized hardcover edition collecting the first 11 issues of the original series is in the works and will feature annotations by Kevin Eastman.</em>

via WC11: IDW Panel – Comic Book Resources

cityatwarI saw a bit of stuff this weekend, but figured it a bit early to start getting excited. Of course, looking at this…well, I gotta jump on board with some thoughts, given my personal history with the TMNT, stuff from recent years, and some stuff I’m planning for this blog once I finish feeding this recent Buffy obsession.

I like that it sounds like there WILL be a regular series that is not tied to the new “cartoon” in addition to whatever cartoon tie-in. Not thrilled at the idea of a new beginning…but hey, IDW has turned out to be a great steward of the GI Joe stuff, and it’s not exactly like Mirage seems chomping at the bit to do anything set in the original continuity. Sooo..count me on board. (Though I guarantee right now that I’m absolutely gonna grumble about the $3.99 price point and variant covers with every issue that I buy!)

I would love to see even a third title–a new Tales book–that would allow numerous other creators a shot at covering the TMNT. Even moreso if they’d be “allowed” to do stories set in the original continuity as well as any other continuity….or heck, make with the Elseworlds-style stuff and do a one-shot or 3-fer set in some original world.

While I don’t know about the annotations…I passed on the 11-issue softcover from Mirage a couple years back, but would be all over this oversized hardcover collection–which sounds a lot more physically readable than the paperback (and without being so likely to outwardly kill the spine of the volume!).

Given what IDW has done with GI Joe, with reprinting the classic Marvel material…I truly, totally, sincerely hope that in addition to this oversized hardcover…and their relationship already with Archie…that we’ll see the entirety of the Mirage TMNT material reprinted (with the entirety of City at War given its own specific volume in particular) as well as the entirety of the Archie TMNT Adventures series. These wouldn’t have to be hardcover (Though having the first 11 issues, Return to New York, and City at War in hardcover would be fantastic!), and could just be a series of TMNT Classic paperbacks or some such.

A guy can dream, right?

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