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Cat’s in the Cradle

I didn’t get around to writing this properly in time for Fathers’ Day, but thought I’d share it with y’all today.

I learned a lot about my dad, about my relationship with him, while I was in college. Away at college. Toward the latter part of my freshman year and throughout my sophomore year, so many things seemed to finally make sense, or simply occurred to me that never had before.

I remember reading one of the Dragonlance books, and a character made a comment: “We raise our children to leave us.” And something about that hit me hard in a big way. I saw my parents, and all they’d done and were doing for me in a whole new way. Something simple, yet for me, it was huge.

I also recall the lyrics to the song “Cat’s in the Cradle” suddenly being very real and in-my-face. Just listening to it, and realizing what the song was about and what it meant. I don’t recall now, though if I picked up the phone or wrote in an email, but at the time I felt that sudden need to reach out, to NOT let time slip on by.

And I was reminded of this Satuday when a radio show host had the song going in the background and was talking about it.

And I got to thinking about comics, and Dad, and how much of who I am today is because of Dad.

I wouldn’t be where or who I am today without him.

Even with comics–same deal. I have related in the past how it was Mom and my grandpa who introduced me to comics.

But it was Dad who made “being into” comics a possibility, a reality.

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