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Another one complete

Just since high school…

– Entire new Star Wars trilogy has come and gone. Been as long now SINCE the premiere of the last one as the entire time they were coming out.

– Entire Lord of the Rings trilogy has come and gone. This coming December will be 10 years since ‘Fellowship’. (And note the debate in Clerks II over the Classic Star Wars trilogy vs. Lord of the Rings trilogy)

– Entire Harry Potter film series has come and gone. Now, moving forward, anyone newly introduced to the films OR books has the entire series available. Assuming they have, want, and make the time–there’s no waiting for “the next chapter” to come out. No two year waits between books, no year and a half waits between films.

Saw the final HP film today. And frankly…I feel like I understood the ending a heckuva lot better than what I (thought I) could remember from reading the book. As a film series, I liked it. Didn’t even consciously occur to me until today that they never introduced Peeves, or went into any depth with Nearly Headless Nick. And occurred to me mid-week last week that we never got the subplot about Hermione and the House Elves at Hogwart’s, among other things.

Plenty of other thoughts, but those’ll be shared some other time.

Weekend Ultraverse acquisitions

newestultras01Had a quick 10-minute dash through another local comic shop’s bargain-bins Friday night. Also visited one of two local Half-Price Books locations. Snagged a fair number of additional Ultraverse issues.

I’ve decided to start a separate blog to focus on my Ultraverse project. First will be this hunt to track down all the story issues (if I find some cheap variants and such along the way, cool…but I’m more interested in simply having a copy of any given issue in order to read it).

My plan at present is shaping up to be that I locate the full run, and then do a read-through, June books 1993 through to Future Shock from 1997.

I’ve read a good number of these before, but most I have not, and given the nature of the Ultraverse line, I think it’ll be interesting to read all the books, and to do so in order of release (at least by month) to roughly simulate what the original experience of doing so may have been.

My scope is to share the enjoyment of the story and perhaps quasi-review the books. I’m no Ultraverse expert, and will leave the fun stuff like interviews and such to other parties.

I will most likely crosspost here for awhile at least, until or unless the Ultraverse Revisited blog gets some legs of its own.

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