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22 Years Later…finally watched ‘An American Tail’

americantail1A long time ago, in a life far, far away…well, ok, a little over two decades ago… there was this movie. An American Tail. “Tail” as in mouse-tail, rather than “tale” as in “story.” And it was about this dumb little mouse with a hat. And this whole thing about supposedly “no cats in America,” these mice were celebrating. And I didn’t like it, and though my family had it on–I don’t recall if it was a video rental or just on TV–I didn’t pay it much attention.

Of course, looking back, that “There Are No Cats In America” song stuck with me…never coming up or staying in my mind for very long, but it was there, a part of me and my life, something that would (rarely) be brought to mind.

americantail2And there was that OTHER song, that I didn’t like hearing. It seemed stupid, and somehow just bugged me. Something about someone being out there. And maybe it’s my 30-year-old self analyzing my 10-year-old self, but there was probably some confusion there, between a song being sung between brother and sister, which was then repeated with different singers that was a “love song” or whatever I interpreted back then.

Now, I may remember stuff from years ago, but the more recent past is a bit jumbled in my mind–some details may be slightl off. But I want to say it was just a few weeks ago, I noticed the double-feature DVD of both An American Tail and Fievel Goes West. And it didn’t seem so hokey to me. But I didn’t think much of it, consciously, at the time.

This week, something someone said to me brought that song “Somewhere Out There” to mind, which then spent much of the week on “repeat” in my head…first the obvious, and then after finding the Ingram/Ronstadt version on YouTube, the song as a whole (and I am STILL irked that if I want that via iTunes I have to buy the ENTIRE Ingram album!)

But thanks to that song, I really decided I wanted to actually watch An American Tail. And since it’s not available through Netflix streaming, and I cancelled my subscription to their DVD service…couldn’t just put it on. And so I wound up finding the double-feature at Target, and went ahead and spent the money to buy it.

Friday night I watched An American Tail…and this morning I watched Fievel Goes West.

And honestly…I quite enjoyed them! Hokey at points, sure. But they’re a product of their time. They’re aimed at kids 20, 25 years my junior…but there’s even stuff for adults that would be over kids’ heads…like classic Disney, so the parents have something to get from the films they watch with their kids.

And I think my main issue with both films was the scene transitions…there weren’t any. Just fade out, fade in–time’s passed, etc.

But the stories, the characters (not terribly deep, but still charming) were entertaining and enjoyable, and a heckuva lot more fun than a lot of other films I’ve watched lately. There’s something to these two American Tail films that a lot of kids’ films in the last 10/15 years lack…at least to me.

While I was initially a bit concerned with the price…it dawned on me that I would have paid more to watch ONE film in the theatre than I did to get to watch BOTH of these…and owning the DVD, I can watch them again at my leisure, and perhaps even make a shared experience of it, sharing them with others.

Only took me 22ish years, but yeah…An American Tail. Highly enjoyed it. And the sequel was darned good as well.

One Response

  1. $20 says that %90 of the people who read this google an American tail to see if it was stream able on netflix because no cats in america popped into their head… lmfao

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