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Funky Numbering = Missed Sale

I do not feel that I should HAVE TO do RESEARCH on comics that I buy. Whether about story content, or the comics themselves.

Yesterday, I went to a second comic shop for the first time in a few weeks (lately sticking with my pull list at the “main” shop I go to) and browsed their rack. Bloodstrike #1st issue….er…#26 kinda stood out to me. I physically picked it up to look closer, being struck by the blurb across the top of being a 1st issue…but then I saw the #26.

I remember the “Images of Tomorrow” thing from the 1990s where a number of books put out a #25 being where the creators planned to have their books by then, but never got around to seeing how that worked out (and I believe most of those titles never actually made it to their 20s?).

Bloodstrike was one I do remember buying the #25 for, so this struck me as curious.

This #26, a first issue in a brand new era or whatever the blurb said–did I miss 25 issues the last few years? Is this picking up the numbering of the original series?

I put it back on the shelf, as I had no interest at the time of “gambling.” Is there a “ten year gap” in-story? Other than being the first issue published in years, what incentive makes it a good jump-on issue or not? Is it even aimed at a new/casual reader or is it aimed at fans of the old issues in particular?

This is the sort of case where I truly feel that “a new #1” or “relaunch” or whatever IS appropriate. The title, the property/character(s) have been gone for years (that I’m aware of), so give me a #1 as at least some overt declaration that this is new, fresh material that is at least supposedly geared for the new reader (if, indeed, that’s the case).

Where new #1s and ‘relaunches’ are NOT justified in my eyes are one month to the next, or even an intentional several month hiatus where those involved in the “final issue” of one iteration are already gearing up for the “first issue” of the next iteration. (Such as putting out #544 one month and then in the next 4-6 weeks putting out #1 with the same ongoing continuity.)

While Bloodstrike missed my sale this week, plenty of others have missed my sale when I opt to pass on something “on principle,” such as avoiding the high-number-this-month-#1-next-month stuff. (Or not buying solely because of the $3.99 instead of $2.99-or-less on the cover, etc).

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