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Still Continuing the Valiant Journey

I’ve continued to build my Valiant (1990s) collection, picking up issues here and there.

Last weekend, I received a postcard in the mail from the local comic shop about a Halloween one-day sale:

Halloween one Day Sale Postcard

Given the previous sale and what I snagged, I looked forward to the sale. Fortunately (or unfortunately–Superman: Earth One vol. 2 had to wait), I wound up finding a bunch of issues for most of the titles I’ve needed holes plugged, though I’m still missing more comics than I’d like (but I’m closer to a full run than not, now).

Valiant Comics (2012.10.31)

And while I’d figured I’d be juggling a couple large paper bags, the store owner (as usual) makes an awesome deal even sweeter, giving me an old/used shortbox to lug the comics home in:

Valiant purchase in shortbox

So now I have to integrate these into my Valiant collection and verify a few issues that I may have neglected to note one way or the other before the Akron Comic Con next weekend.

Unfortunately…I have the suspicion that what I’ve noticed for several years now will hold true: comic cons are put to shame by my LCS’ bargains/bargain bins.

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