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X Marks the Spot

I recently bought a longbox of mostly X-books, which proved to be a significant step toward shoring up gaps in my 1990s’ X-books runs.

For the first time ever, I finally (FINALLY!) have all three issues of the Astonishing X-Men mini in one place at the same time. I got the first two issues back in 1999 when they came out. Unfortunately, the only comic shop I had access to when I first went off to college either didn’t get or sold out of #3.

I eventually got to read the final issue when I found a copy of the TPB of the mini. Sometime in the last several years I got a copy of #3. Unfortunately, I’d had #s 1-2 somewhere else and they’ve disappeared. Finding all 3 in the bargain bins for only $.75  total means I’ve still paid less than I’d’ve paid for the 3rd issue at cover price.


When I first bought The Search for Cyclops, I wound up with 2 issues of one cover style and 2 of the other. I now have a unified-looking complete mini.

Aside from other issues I have with variants, one of my main things is I like when (especially for a mini-series) the covers all look like they belong to the same series.


I remember Avengers Forever, and thus being interested in “the X-Men counterpart” when it started. But I actually only wound up with 2-3 issues of the series. Finally have the whole 6-issues series to read.

It’s slightly amusing now to know that–like Astonishing X-Men–there are multiple series of the exact same title that are completely unrelated, apparently used because they really liked the title…



I also realized this past Saturday that–quite without the intention of it–I had acquired the first appearance of Jublilee for a whopping 25-cents. Now if only I could be similarly lucky to find Uncanny X-Men #266 in a bargain-bin…

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