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Black Friday? Remember Black September?



Today is “Black Friday.” Which, as a comic fan, always reminds me of the Malibu/Ultraverse “event” when they relaunched a bunch of their series back in 1995: Black September.

From what I recall, for the month of September, 1995 all of the Ultraverse books shipped with all-black covers, with the logo/price/etc. being the only color.

There was an image on the back, which actually served as the front cover image for variant-printed editions of the issues.

But I didn’t even become aware of these variants until some years after the fact–I only ever saw the “standard editions” and went with those.

Black September was a new beginning for the Ultraverse–the various titles existing before it all ended, and these new “# Infinity” issues served to launch several new series, most of which ultimately turned out to be essentially mini-series.

While I much prefer the original runs of the various Ultraverse books…I can’t deny that at the time, Black September was a Pretty Big Deal for me. Probably part of the significance was that September 1995 was also the first full month of my being in high school–so that was a new beginning for me, and these Ultraverse books I’d been following for a couple years were getting a new beginning.

Of course, I have a lot of different feelings on the whole thing looking back from 17 years later.

Black Friday…I’m too old to fight crowds for items at prices that really oughtta be considered false advertising. I’ll stick to reading and enjoying some comics.

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