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The Price Really Does Affect The Purchase

The price of a comic really does affect the purchase (or not-purchase), at least for me. As do variants.

Case #1: Judge Dredd (IDW) #1

Judge Dredd (IDW) #1For what little advertising I’ve seen, I recognize the “A” cover. As that’s the image that’s been most used–that I have seen–I don’t WANT some “variant” image–I want THE image on the cover. That’s what I may or may not have been “sold on,” so if I can’t get that standard, first, “A” cover, you’re gonna lose my sale.

But then there’s another thing: what if I get the cover I want, and more than just trying this because it’s a first issue, I actually LIKE it? If I get “into” another series–this is $3.99/issue. I am so sick of $3.99, I honestly do not have ANY desire to add more comics to my pull list at $3.99 per.

Case #2: Marvel NOW recent releases

Marvel Now coversAgain, I have no interest in variant covers–just give me one single standard cover.

But $3.99/issue?!? I think I saw where Fantastic Four #1 was $2.99, and Deadpool may have yet again fooled me and actually also be $2.99. But all the other relaunching books that’ve caught my eye–most notably X-Men Legacy and Iron Man–are $3.99. Couldn’t Marvel AT LEAST pull the drug-dealer bit and offer the first issue for a discounted cover price, and jump up for the next issue?

When DC relaunched FIFTY-TWO TITLES IN ONE MONTH, I went from buying “2 DCs” in August 2011 to buying 29 or so of the #1s in September, the ONLY $3.99 in the bunch was Action Comics #1 (and I immediately dropped Action Comics at #2 when the story ended 2 pages past the staples).

If Marvel’s NOW initiative was launching a bunch of books at $2.99 (hey, this sorta thing, why NOT use it as an “excuse” to re-brand the PRICE POINT and say “ok, y’all are getting sick of $3.99 so as part of these relaunches, we’ll give you at least a year of these books at $2.99!”). For $2.99 as the standard price and $3.99 as an exception…I’d’ve been much more inclined to try some of these titles.

As-is? Other than glancing at the new shelf for the Judge Dredd issue and putting it back, I paid no attention to any other releases, sticking instead to my pre-arranged pull list.

Case #3: The Bargain Bins

Try as I might, I haven’t been able to resist the bargain bins at my local comic shop. In addition to whatever “new stuff” I’m buying, I find the urge to at least flip through the back section of the bargain bins to see what’s been added–perhaps one day I’ll see that elusive Conan issue with Rune (from the Ultraverse) here, or a beat-up Uncanny X-Men 266 that I can read and have that won’t be re-sellable, or something on-par with that Thunderbolts #1 I got not too long ago.

And I’ve recently added better than 150 new issues to my ’90s X-collection, with some 2000s X-stuff thrown in–all for under 50-cents apiece, the vast majority for 22-25-cents. For $1.50, I got to read the 6-issue X-Men Forever mini-series from the early 2000s (this predated the Claremont series from several years ago)…spending more time reading that than $20 worth of new comics!

Why should I want to pay $3.99 for a bunch of comics when I can buy 14-16 issues’ worth of material for that same price? I can justify $4-5 on a dozen to 20 comics, no problem. But at $20 for 4-5 comics, I’m just LOOKING for an excuse to talk myself into dropping titles.

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