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Robin II vs. My Little Pony Collector’s Sets


I happened to notice that yesterday saw the release of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series from IDW.

I’d heard about it before, but it came back on my radar when I was researching what exactly a “Ghost Variant” was, and that led to several discussion forums as well as Bleeding Cool, which pointed out there were a BUNCH of variant covers, all for ONE issue…including some sort of package/boxed-set of several of the “main” covers.

It seems MLP is not the first to do such a collector’s set…and I found a different one FAR more to my own interest. No MLP for me:

robiniideluxecollectorssetsideGo back to 1991, and apparently DC Comics put out a collector’s set to collect all the Robin II: The Joker’s Wild variants including the standard (or in those days, “Newsstand edition”) covers.

Back in ’91, the set retailed for $30 (USD).

21 years after the fact, I scored the (at time of my purchase) unopened set for a mere $3 (for those of you keeping track, that’s $1 LESS than most Marvels and essentially the same as virtually any other single “new” issue available at present).

I may have known this thing existed, but it was never in the forefront of my mind to track down. But seeing it right there for $3 in a 90%-off bin? It’s an awesome score!

And since even at $3 it would seem a shame (and waste) to leave the thing in its shrink-wrap, I opened it.

Let’s explore what this set contained.

First off, this is apparently #6,000 out of 25,000 such sets. Cool…a nice, round number.


The way this was packaged, I actually envisioned having a slipcase to put other comics in, figuring the case alone was worth the $3…but get the label off, and I found a beautiful sparkly logo underneath:


Once I slid the comics out (they were themselves shrinkwrapped as a package-within-the-package) I found this rather cool sketch/foil/shiney cover (one of the supposed backing boards the set contained):


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