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Final Issue! (before a new #1)

20121206-125935.jpgI saw this ad, and still can’t believe the whole “Final Issue” bit. Yeah, Superior Spider-Man and all that…but still…I’m not “buying it” and not gonna buy it.

20121206-130033.jpgWhile on the subject of Marvel…I did wind up buying Thunderbolts #1. Partially the novelty–buying THUNDERBOLTS #1 as a new issue–and it was only $2.99…NOT $3.99!

Sadly while I like the art, the story seemed too slow for a first issue…I think I expected something more, somehow.

2 Responses

  1. You’re not gonna buy the issue? Shame; we’ll see Uncle Ben and the Stacys in it.

  2. Nope; I’m sure I’ll be able to read it eventually–bargain bin, comixology sale, borrow, collected volume. I’m so sick of Marvel’s constant renumbering that I’m not gonna buy in for just this issue. The last time I bought an issue of Amazing Spidey new was the Deadpool issue a few years ago not too far into the BND run–I’m just not particularly interested in Spider-Man as a solo character as he’s existed since.

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