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Old is New?

20121207-213713.jpgI remember noticing it early in the Uncanny X-Force run: the logo was the classic without the 3-D effect. (And the book was without Cable.)

For me, there’s something about a book’s logo. I can appreciate a new look, or something done to clearly indicate part of a group. I just don’t care for the constant change in a short span of time.

Not even 2 years into UXF, the logo was changed to the Regenesis branding. And beginning with Cable and X-Force under Marvel Now, we’re getting another logo (with yet another for the “new” Uncanny X-Force).

20121207-215446.jpgI noticed comiXology’s Friday sale on the first 15 issues of the original “adjective-less” X-Force (cuz now X-Force, a part of the X-Men family of titles gets its own split to two titles) and 2008-ish Cable run. Already got several of the Cable issues last time they were $0.99, but decided to get X-Force #1 for the heckuvit.

I don’t like paying $2.99 and $3.99 for digital comics…but $0.99 isn’t horrible (except I keep seeing the print edition in the 25-cent bins…) And I guess I’ll pay the $0.75 for the convenience.


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  1. […] Hour/1994′s Zero Month issues, small runs of Cable, some Rogue and Gambit issues, or X-Force #1 just for the heckuvit, etc.–I frequently find myself buying at least an issue or two from most of these […]

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