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A peek behind the curtain

1oldblogformatWhen I started this blog in 2008, I found a WordPress theme that I liked–Contempt–and in over four years, never bothered to change the theme. Part laziness, mostly as “they” say…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But there have been a couple times in there that I’ve considered swapping out the theme for a different one, though I never pulled the trigger.

This weekend I found myself tweaking stuff with the Facebook Page, and after that decided to take a look at themes again–and discovered that Contempt was now “retired,” so did even more digging to see what other themes had to offer. Turns out I have a bit of an expensive tastes–the themes that most caught my attention were premium, and I’m not prepared to throw money at this blog (I’m no Comic Book Resources or Newsarama, after all).

But then I found the theme you’ll now see, and quite like it. It’s allowed me to tweak a few things and clean up the main view a bit. I don’t often like change for the sake of change–but doing this myself, it works. It’s similar to what I started with, but has some differences and since the theme is not retired, I shouldn’t have to worry for awhile about anything suddenly changing one day.

Plus, though it’s not quite 2013 yet, it’s a new look for the new year–possibly the next several.

I have some thoughts for some non-holiday posts the next few days, and once into the new year I hope to establish a new schedule for posts and keep at least somewhat consistent without going overboard.


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