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Justice League Toys at Target?!?

justiceleaguesupermanTonight while walking through Target, I actually stopped short at the sight of some toys I hadn’t even had a clue were coming.

A new line of Justice League figures.

Of course, I was immediately disappointed at the larger size of these figures–I’ve come to MUCH prefer the 3.75-inch variety, and to this day have still never found any news or anything about the official cancellation of the Infinite Heroes line (nor the reasoning why it went away…though I have some ideas, as listed in a post last Friday).

As far as I can tell, there are only FOUR figures in this line: Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern. There are no other characters shown on the backs of the cards, anyway. I saw no vehicles/playsets, nor any other accessories other than what comes with each figure. There are no villains. AND the line is Target-exclusive (at least based on that sticker on the fronts of the packaging).




About the only thing really going for these to me offhand is that even at the bigger size, they’re “only” $7.99 (compared to, say, the $9.99 of the various Marvel (Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man 3) figures or Star Wars or $10 GI Joe: Retaliation figures. (Granted, less detail and articulation surely helps keep the cost down).

Still…I was sorely tempted by the Superman figure; but on closer inspection it looked rather sloppily put-together, with a gap in the shoulders where the cape is held in place (on the figure). I tell myself now that I’ll wait until I can 1. afford to and 2. buy both Batman and Superman in the same purchase to really strongly consider actually buying these. (Tonight the Target I was at had 3 of the 4 figures, missing only Batman).

Next to the Batman Unlimited/DC Unlimited $16 figures I’ve seen several times, this is the first “kid-affordable” instance I’ve noticed of the New 52 versions of things making it into general/common toys’ appearance, 18 months after the comics’ relaunch.


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