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More bargain bin finds and even more shiny comics

This was quite a week for new comics (as opposed to last week’s hardcovers!). Along with the new “regular” comics and the TMNT #50 Treasury Edition, I also grabbed a handful of issues from the bargain bin…might’ve dug more, but this latest batch isn’t in the greatest of condition, nor did I see any significant runs, and didn’t have the time or inclination to pick through my list of missing X-issues.

I know I found at least a couple of these Transformers issues recently at Comic Heaven in Willoughby,  but while I recalled finding 3 or so issues, I couldn’t remember if it was 1-3, 2-4, or some other combo. For $0.25/ea, I’ll chance it, though. Worst-case…it’s still pretty cool that I’ve found these for this kinda pricing twice now in the span of just a few months!


I know I picked up at least a couple of these last November with the slew of X-books I bought, but also vaguely recall missing a chapter or two of this Shattershot crossover. Perhaps inspired by snagging the Evolutionary War and Atlantis Attacks omnibii last week, I went ahead and grabbed these annuals…the entire 4-parter for only $1. Not bad at all, especially as “just” a reading copy!


Given there was no apparent “run,” I didn’t mind snagging Spider-Man #1 just for the heckuvit AS a #1. Besides, the gold ink sorta made it fit in with the others. I actually snagged two copies of Amazing Spider-Man #365…with at least one friend in mind who I’ve been giving some of these “shiny comics” to. And these days, some of these vintage or near-vintage comics that came with posters bound-in…25-cents is worth it for the poster alone (or for pulling a cover off to serve as a poster). Amazing Spider-Man #375 I grabbed for the shiny cover and sentimentality…I remember way back in 1993 or so when it came out and the handful of other “foil web patterned” covers.


I didn’t consciously recall the Dr. Strange issue, and grabbed it solely for the shiney cover. While I know I already have the Punisher 2099 #1 and Silver Surfer #50, they again fell under the shiny cover bit.


In total, I bought 15 25-cent comics this week…15 issues for 24 cents cheaper than the cover price of ONE standard new Marvel issue.

Keeps it in perspective, at least for me!

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