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Dalek(s) Acquisition

A couple months back, I bought several of the Lego mini-figures blind-purchase packs…didn’t get any of the characters I was “interested” in. A couple weeks ago at a Books-a-Million with friends, I spotted Doctor Who micro-figures, also blind-purchase, for the same price.


This week, while at a Books-a-Million looking for Doctor Who on DVD, I wound up buying two of these blind-purchase packs. I felt the packaging–I really wanted a Dalek–and one pack was bulging.

I also realized I could feel the bumps of the Dalek’s rivets, and found another pack that I thought I could feel the same.

As it worked out, I was correct in my ‘feelings’ and scored a Dalek from the series 1 package, and a Dalek Strategist from the series 3 package. (I probably would have bought a third pack if they’d had any of the series 2 packs).


Best of all, these are basically in-scale with Lego mini-figures, and even fit on Lego pegs…which makes BOTH products that much MORE attractive to me!

series1  series3

I’m also quite interested in the Tardis mini-set (and it comes with the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond) and there are multi-packs out there (Daleks, Weeping Angels, Villain Assortment) so I’m not too concerned about getting a bunch of these blind packs.

Still…quite cool for an impulse-buy!

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