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Eulogy for a Favorite Character

char_death_thumbLast week I’d seen SOMEthing online about something big happening in Marvel’s Uncanny Avengers issue; but I flatly ignored it; get tired of the click-bait claims from Bleeding Cool at times. But then yesterday I saw something a bit more SPECIFIC, including stuff about a favorite character. So, much as I hate doing so for brand-new issues, I bought the issue digitally just so I could get the actual CONTEXT of things for myself.

I’ve seen SO MANY “deaths” in comics that it hardly phases me. It’s mostly “just” another story element at this point. Whether the death of Captain America or Professor Xavier or whoever…I DON’T find myself all that bothered. It’s in service of the story, or I just figure “hey, they’ll be back sooner than I’d like!” or such.

But this one? “Shock value” or WHATEVER…it just sits wrong with me. Sits wrong in a way that most character deaths in comics do not. And I think part of that is that this time it’s a character that’s been one of my favorites through the years…one that I haven’t seen touched by “death,” and perhaps also the fact that it’s a specific female character.

Rogue’s just been one of “those” characters….to my knowledge, she has never before this “died,” though she’s been through changes of costumes, team status, powers, etc. For as long as I’ve known OF “X-Men,” Rogue’s been part of that.

Maybe most importantly is that of all the various female characters in comics (and I’ve been reading comics for 25-26 years now…) Rogue’s the only character one could really say I ever had a “crush” on. From that first episode “Night of the Sentinels” when I was maybe 11 years old, on to the comics and videogames and other cartoons, whatever; she’s been a favorite of mine. I’ve pretty much always found myself interested in reading about the character…whether it was learning she was to become a focal character in X-Men Legacy back in early ’09 or so or to her involvement with Wolverine’s school as I found in last year’s AvX. (Some of my favorite parts of AvX last year were chapters with her; catching up on where she’s come the last couple years).

I have little doubt she’ll be “back.” There ARE plenty of ways to bring her back (she’s a comic character) or undo that part of the story, wipe a bunch of stuff away as never having happened, etc. That the character is being “benched” or “taken off the table” for now bugs me. Take her out of the spotlght, fine, but just writing the character out where no one can do anything with her for awhile? That sucks.

And given the way it’s been done with other characters, I actually even worry a bit about WHAT they’ll “bring back” and whether the character will still seem like the character she’s been, rather than just some new character dressed up as supposedly being an established character.

I don’t usually get caught up in stuff like this. I don’t care for debate over who would “win” between characters (hint: it depends on the writer and which character they want to win to server their story). I don’t like being bothered by a character’s death, even if it’s a favorite. (Yet, the death of Superman was–comics or otherwise–a defining point in my childhood).

I suppose this just goes to show how I’ve taken the character for granted; that she’s always been and always would BE “around,” just have to look for which book she’s showing up in. And illustrates that old bit about not knowing what you have or what something means to you until it’s gone. I haven’t HAD this sort of reaction to most character deaths; I’m not AT ALL bothered at the Scarlett Witch; but I am at Rogue. Which just suggests to me the character has been far more a favorite than I’d really taken note of.rogue_back_cover_vol_2


2 Responses

  1. FYI, of the three “deaths” in this issue, supposedly only one is really going to die. We’ve got Scarlet Witch, Wonderman, and Rogue. I have a feeling Wonderman sacrificed himself. So Rogue will survive with Wolverine’s healing power, and Scarlet Witch will “hex” herself into being ok again. That’s my guess, anyway.

    • From what I saw on Bleedingcool, sounded like Rogue’s off the table for a year or so. But I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for a “return” or “undoing” or such…

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