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Ultraverse CD Romix Revisited

prime001.jpgSomehow, it never even occurred to me to check YouTube for these. But Prime artist Norm Breyfogle recently posted a link to the Prime video in the Ultraverse Facebook Group, and I noticed the other two–Hardcase and Freex–have also been put on there.

These are “CD Romix,” a combination of audiobook/motioncomic/quasi-cartoon. I remember first seeing these at a local convention/dealer room back in ’93 or ’94. As a kid, had no budget for ’em. But a few years later, I came across ’em at a dollar store…maybe ’97 or ’98.

The best part–to me–was that there was an actual audio track on the CDs, which I was able to rip to digital file, and I’ve tended to have these on my iPod to this day (I just listened to Prime #1 the other day, actually!).

Definitely a fun “blast from the past”!

Prime #1:


Hardcase #1:


Freex #1:



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