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More Marvel Digi-Code Annoyance

annoyanceThe other week I posted about some frustration with finding some of my AvX comics’ digital codes had expired. Last Monday I followed up with even further frustration at discovering INSIDE my AvX Hardcover a notice that the code expired…3 weeks before!

But I’m following up NOW because…even though I emailed in prior to that blog post…I have yet to even RECEIVE A RESPONSE. (I heard back from Comixology‘s Support almost immediately–not even two hours after my email–letting me know that unfortunately, they don’t control this–I’d have to contact Marvel).

I ordered a $75 hardcover, marketed (and printed on the cover itself!) to be a print + digital pack, but having just recently read the entire AvX story itself (not the crossovers) and having to return my original copy of the book due to shipping damage, it was nearly December before I had my copy, and I didn’t open it right away. When I did get around to opening it, the code had already expired. (There was nothing anywhere on the outside of the book, on the wrap, on the stickers on the wrap mentioning anything about an expiration). One year may be acceptable for a single-issue/”floppy,” but not so much a book…especially considering I saw a copy of this same print+digital edition at full retail price, two weeks after it turned out the code apparently had “expired.”

I mean, ok, I email Sunday evening right after the Thanksgiving holiday…I’m going to cut ’em some slack. I didn’t expect a response Monday morning, would’ve been surprised at Tuesday, even. But as of Tuesday morning, 8 1/2 days (six of them Business Days) later? Still nothing.


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