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Checking Out Superman/Wonder Woman

supermanwonderwomanissue03It’s kinda interesting at times, the way I’ll “bargain” or “make deals” with myself. Such as recently at JC’s in the Falls. I walked in looking for Amazing X-Men #2 and some 25-cent comics. Happened to see Superman/Wonder Woman #3. Remembered Michael Bailey posting something on facebook recently about it being a good title (in such a way that–to me–served as an endorsement if not outright or personal recommendation).

So I made a deal: ok, if BOTH issues 1 AND 2 are ALSO in-stock, withOUT my having to ask about ’em, I’ll give the series a try. And sure enough, both were, and so I did.

I’m pleasantly surprised. I don’t know how long I’ll stick around–I enjoyed reading these first three issues, having ALL THREE to read AT ONCE. But I certainly enjoyed even just the first issue a lot more than I did Batman/Superman #1. I can tell this is rooted within generalized current continuity, and I feel like I’m getting enough from what I’m reading to not be concerned about tracking down other issues.

I don’t feel lost or left out, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something for lack of internet “research” or such. I’m just getting…a story.

And after all those Villains Month issues back in September?

Throw Doomsday and Zod into the mix, and not seem gratuitous or watered-down? Yeah, ok, Mr. Soule…you’ve got my attention.


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