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Turok: Multiple Incarnations

I’ve been around for and consciously remember three premieres of new ongoing Turok series. The original (for me) was the Valiant launch from the mid-1990s; then the Dark Horse relaunch several years ago, and now the Dynamite relaunch from just last week.

While the issue has already had a sort of “iconic” look for me–it’s THE issue of Turok that I consciously notice in bargain bins all the time–I think it’s safe to say that Valiant‘s Turok #1 is officially iconic, given it’s the obvious source of the regular cover for the current #1. I didn’t make the connection originally, but knew there was SOMEthing “familiar” about the image, but when looking at them side-by-side, there’s no doubt.

I suppose if this were Bleeding Cool, that’d qualify as a “swipe file.”

turokdinosaurhuntervaliant001    turoksonofstone001



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  1. Didn’t even know about the new Turok series.

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