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Doomed Week 1

A few months ago, partially due to DC‘s Villains Month as well as the recommendation of Michael Bailey, I picked up Superman/Wonder Woman, and have stuck with it for these past several months.

Then I found out about something called Doomed, and eventually, somehow, found myself looking forward to it.

Well, the story finally hit this week, and…hit HARD.


A $4.99 one-shot and two $3.99 issues…three parts of what I believe is “only” a 4-5 part thing…all out the same week.

Way to overload stuff instead of spacing these things out! Especially with the one-shot, which could have (presumably) shipped “whenever,” and the rest of the series shouldn’t have been too hard to “stagger.”

Now I look at stuff due out next week, and looks like there are NO new chapters to this Doomed (Infected?) arc.


Might get around to an actual review of these issues, or something more in-depth, this weekend.

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  1. […] noted my issue with this when Doomed STARTED, and the issue came up again a couple weeks ago with a $14 3-issue cluster that EASILY could have […]

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