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(Most of) No Man’s Land…Finally

Somewhere during my junior year of high school, I ended up following the multi-part crossover Cataclysm in the Batman family of titles.

It was early in my senior year that things took off; I was on a senior class field trip when I picked up a couple issues of the Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington prelude arc. And it was during the latter part of my senior year and early freshman year of college that I followed most of the year-long No Man’s Land mega-arc.


However, to this day, I’ve yet to read the entire thing. And I never did wind up snagging the 5 or 6 volume set of the TPBs that’ve been out. Of course, that turned out to be fortuitous as DC‘s in the last couple years re-issued the arc in new editions–this time collecting more, and doing so in 4 volumes.


I ordered the first three volumes last week in a bit of a “retail-therapy” splurge, restraining myself by sticking “just” to these three volumes. I intend to snag the 4th before too much longer, and have also had my eye on the new editions of the Knightfall/KnightQuest/KnightsEnd volumes. Batman’s 75th, and it’s looking like a significant Batman investment for me already for the year.

It helps, perhaps, having also bought and listened to the two GraphicAudio volumes adapting Greg Rucka‘s novelization of the series, which was a real treat to listen to the last few weeks.

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