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A New Gundam Phase Begun

oldgundams11-some years ago (my senior year of college) several friends and I would meet up pretty much weekly for Friday dinner and a trip to at least one of three local game/toy stores. Toward the latter part of spring semester, we found a deal on a couple basic Gundam models for about $2/ea. So thoroughly enjoying putting them together, I bought a couple more expensive ones (the $2 bait models worked, apparently), and eventually tracked down a couple more that I assembled that summer after graduation.

Those fell by the wayside, though, until this year. A few weeks ago I came across a couple models at a Barnes & Noble that caught my eye. A couple weeks later at another B&N I saw another, and seeing them triggered something for me.

A couple weeks ago I decided I was going to try another model, so I went to JC’s, knowing he had a much better assortment of models than B&N. Looking through them, I found one that I thought looked cool (and by “looked cool” I mean “basis of choosing which one to buy”) and bought that.


Of course, while I recalled all the tiny bits ‘n pieces, I’d forgotten just how many…though I believe this one’s one of the larger models I’ve (yet) assembled.


I spent awhile one weekend getting the legs assembled; spent time over a couple lunch breaks at work with further assembly, and then this past weekend finally finished assembling the thing.


And somewhat predictably, I’m rather eager to get another to assemble…though I’m forcing myself to wait til my next payday and when I’m more likely to actually have and take the time to put one together, rather than the immediate gratification of buying one “now” but then not even starting assembly for another week or two.


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