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Great Find: ‘The Batman Vault’

I’d come across this volume at Barnes & Noble quite unexpectedly. It was on a bargain table labeled as “up to 75% off publishers’ prices.” For the price of 3-4 single issues, this is a $50 volume, and though it’s rather outdated (2009 copyright), it has proved its worth alone in the time I spent unwrapping and “flipping through” the thing.


While it hasn’t always been reflected in my following the character in contemporary comics–having left off partway into the post-R.I.P. Red Robin run and only stuck with the New 52 Teen Titans for a couple issues–Robin is arguably one of my favorite characters in comics (well, the Tim Drake / Robin III version). It was actually the “promise” of the inclusion of a promo piece from the early Tim Drake solo stuff that truly “sold” me on this volume. Not intending to spend a lengthy time reading initially, I paged through, but really look forward to “digging in” on the Robin section.


The volume includes a number of these archival pocket pages (right-hand side above) with removable “artifacts,” from that piece to a DC promotional mobile sent to comic shops to replicated brochures, booklets, and so on…even a reprint of the “infamous” Batcave “poster” from an issue of All-Star Batman and Robin…something I never got to hold, having never bought the issue in question (that I can recall).


Though a lot of the general info is “old news” to me, it’s interesting to see such a broad overview of Batman’s history (to 2009) encompassed in a single publication. As of this typing (though it probably won’t actually translate to purchases) I’m considering tracking down some of the DK volumes, as this reminded me a lot of what I’ve seen from a couple of those when I’ve flipped through them in stores or a library.

I don’t know if there’s a Superman volume like this–if there is, I’ll certainly be on the hunt–but in the middle of the 75th anniversary year of Batman, this was far too great an opportunity to have passed up, and I’m quite glad to have spent the money.


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  1. […] who “helped” “Brainiac 5″)…looks like it’s the same author of The Batman Vault. Which is neat, as I’d already thought of this as being a similar sort of […]

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