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Let’s Try This Again: New Line of DC Toys


Back in 2008, I got in “at the beginning” of Mattel’s Infinite Heroes line of 3.75″ DC toys. Sadly, lack of selection and other factors seemed to quickly doom that line (whereas the Marvel 3.75″ figures from another company are doing quite well, or at least are still around with a much more significant presence than DC stuff).

Several weeks ago, I happend across this new line of DC character figures for quite a great price: larger than the 3.75″ figures, but still “only” $9.99. I wound up buying the three that I’ve found thus far: Batman, Superman, and Sinestro. I look forward to finding Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Aquaman…as well as hopefully plenty of other DC characters.




While VERY basic, I do appreciate the cards being unique to the figures, including a brief/minimal profile:




And I know of the existence of Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman because of the gallery on the figures’ cards:




Here’s hoping the other characters come out relatively quickly without shortpacking, and without any single character becoming a “peg warmer” and all that. I’m in at the beginning for now–give me a steady pace of figures that I can get for $9.99 at Warlmart/Target/Meijer, and I’ll probably keep buying…

2 Responses

  1. Was looking at these last night. The minimalist just doesn’t work for me, but I hope the price point helps introduce a new generation to them, like a lot of the Justice League Unlimited ones did. I really miss the look of those sculpts from the Total Justice and JLA days though.

    • I think that’s part of my hope here. Since they (apparently/obviously) couldn’t keep up with the smaller scale, maybe having physically larger figures for the price of the smaller will give them some stay-ability in the face of the tons of Marvel figures out there.

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