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Leonardos – July 2014

Seems there’s a new TMNT movie (or should I say NT movie, based on the toys’ packaging) coming out soon…


And so while I don’t like variants on figures within the same line, I’m willing to get the same character from different lines.

The new 2014 Movie Leonardo is front ‘n center. Current (2012-) cartoon Leo on the right. 2003 cartoon Leo 2nd row left, “classic” Leo in the middle, and the oversized deluxe Leo in back.

While trailers make it seem that the movie turtles are huge, frankly, based on the toys, it looks like any of the other Leos could take this one, easily…

I’ve also got the Raphael, and will likely also go ahead and snag Donnie and Mikey at least; probably April and the Shredder, thoguh I don’t like the look of Splinter (movie unseen) and not sure I’m all that inclined to try to get multiple Foot, and one lone Foot hardly seems worth it to me.

Time will tell, though…

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