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Stolen Comics and Requiem for a Jacket

Remember last month when I posted about initially more than doubling my GI Joe collection?

That post is now all that remains of that particular purchase.

frowneySomeone got into my car overnight, and among other stuff that they stole, they stole this bunch of GI Joe comics that were there waiting to be loaned to a friend.

Along with the comics and a GPS, lost my favorite jacket that my dad gave to me in late 2003, which I wore from that point through last year before taking on a less comfortable one that actually zipped (I broke the zipper on the older one the first time I wore it, but never got it fixed even though I wore it through ten winters–nearly 1/3 of my life, and the majority of my ADULT life).

And really, it’s the loss of that jacket that has me most upset, because the thing had a lotta sentimental value to it. That first night I wore it, when I broke the zipper was the night I saw The Return of the King with friends, and was my last day at the job I had at the time, after a transitional summer from undergrad to “real world,” and heading toward my first solo apartment, and everything that happened before I went to grad school.

I wore it all through grad school; it’s the one I wore visiting New York and my sister Thanksgiving 2004, and again with a couple of my best friends in late December 2009. It was with me the first few winters of my current job.

And instead of a longer, more cheerful post, I’m just sticking with that. Not exactly what I expected of my Monday (or, y’know, of EVER).

Here’s hoping the rest of the week is much better.

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