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Concluding the Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Collection

Well, I never did find the Boba Fett pig in the 2-packs as advertised on the back of the packaging. But I think I got everything else I was interested in.


Picked up this bunch on clearance. After many, many months of just the same packs, there was finally a 2nd series…but hardly impressive, and certainly not nearly as interesting or seeming to be “worth” getting.


But with a $10 pack marked down to $3, and the $20 collector’s case marked down to $6…and this being clearance pricing obviously intended to clear the things out, I went ahead and got ’em, figuring I might regret it later, especially for the price.


And with these being cleared out (at least at Target, I’m not sure about Walmart), it’s a good time for me to call it quits. Plus, my entire collection of the birds themselves and the stands fits in the case and then some (I picked up a bunch of the non-playable birds for the characters).

Even if this goes on a shelf somewhere for awhile…rather cool little collection, and quite cool to have the “official” case for ’em as well…


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