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I Ain’t Never Hadda Friend Like Him

Virtually every time I see some celebrity’s name “trending”–whether on Facebook or Twitter or where-ever…my first thought usually would be that they’d died. Until recently. Having (finally?) realized that all sorts of things set someone to being a “trending” topic, so I’ve backed off on that.

And then…tonight.

Robin Williams.

Last I’d heard anything, he’d checked into rehab or some such, so I figured he’d checked himself back out, or someone caught some contextless soundbite or quote, or some paparazzi got some extremely unflattering photo that someone had captioned and it’d gone “viral.”


But to learn that no, he’d died…and apparently self-inflicted…there just ARE no words.

The Genie from Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney characters. That’s certainly got Robin Williams written all over it, so to speak. I’d always thought it fascinating how they imbued the Genie with so much of his personality, and animated stuff that would work for them to get him in to voice the character.

It was only recently that I “discovered” that it was most likely the reverse–that they’d’ve had him in for the role, and animated the character based on him. Which meant this character that’s been such a part of my growing up is far more Robin Williams than not.

aintneverhaddafriendlikehimI thought almost immediately of stuff other than Aladdin with Robin Williams, and recalled commercials I’d seen for Good Morning Vietnam (which I did eventually see years ago). There was Mrs. Doubtfire, and Patch Adams, and I quite appreciated Williams’ appearance on the Highlander tv show.

And somehow, I misplaced Hook until a friend reminded me, and I realized that was in there amidst Mrs. Doubtfire and Patch Adams, though it wasn’t until maybe 7 or 8 years ago that I kind of “realized” it was an “old favorite” and something I really did enjoy quite a lot. I’ve certainly come to appreciate it SO MUCH MORE as an adult than I ever did as a kid.

Most recently I enjoyed seeing him in a new show last Fall, though I didn’t keep up with it (hindsight can be 20/20…)

I’ve been seeing tons of posts on Facebook, but I’ve not clicked any of the links. I’m sharing all I have in this post, because this has hit me personally, stirring up memories, and I’m simply sad at learning he’s gone, if only for the selfish side of what it means to ME.

I never met him, never saw him in person or anything “live,” never knew anything about his family or personal life outside the occasional headline and such about some substance issues or such.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re reading my blog anyway. I’m not sharing this to “get clicks” or such. Robin Williams’ passing is far more significant than anything else I might’ve posted.

And truly, none of us ever had a friend like him.

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